The biggest trends from the design shows 2020

You’ve just finished decorating your house the way you want it, and then the design shows pop up with amazing new trends to tempt you to begin again or revamp a room you’ve not touched for a while.

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With a never ending stream of options for you to create that perfect look in your home, how can you decide when enough is enough? Perhaps the answer is that when it comes to design, nothing is ever finished. Everything is merely a trend that will come and go and last as long as you choose.

Design trends for 2020

It seems early in the year to be talking about the design trends that might get your pulse racing, yet the magazines and shops are already full of them. One of the major focuses this year is on the bathroom, turning what can be a cold and uninspiring space into a cornucopia of multicolored loveliness with high-end taps and finishes. Current trends include clear perspectives cabinet handles with the thinnest bright pop of colour on the top that makes the whole handle glow with pigment; brightly coloured, plasticine-inspired planters for your indoor plants will brighten your windowsill; and show-stopping plumbing with striking matte black taps. For more design inspiration visit https://www.forbes.com/sites/amandalauren/2019/12/23/twelve-interior-design-trends-well-see-in-2020/-.

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What to invest in

Design is amazing and essential for allowing us to love the spaces we live in, but it’s nothing if the fabric of the building hasn’t been updated in a while. Make sure your beautiful design aspirations are coupled with practical features that work well and look fabulous. One of the key areas that is often overlooked when it comes to design is your windows. They keep the weather out and the warmth (or cool air) in.

How can windows make a difference in your design? These days, products such as Evesham double glazing come in a huge range of designs, sizes and colours. Transforming how your house or apartment looks on the inside will be conveyed on the outside, with trendy charcoal grey window frames and self-cleaning glass being hot and on trend right now. Get some inspiration for the look you want at https://www.firmfix.co.uk/.

Whatever your next design project, there are always new, fresh ideas to spark your imagination and get those creative juices flowing.