Six industrial décor ideas

Shabby chic and reclaimed materials have continued to be popular interior design ideas over the past few years, especially in the context of pursuing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. But if you’re looking to get an industrial feel to your room, you can still go for reclaimed and recycled approaches.

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One of the solutions to the housing crisis has been to re-purpose industrial sites, and plans to transform 19th century mills such as Stockport’s Weir Mill are becoming more common. While the buildings of the industrial revolution never started out as a ‘style’, elements of our industrial past have now become incorporated into a growing design trend. Here are just six ideas that hark back to that era

Exposed walls

Stripped right back, a brick wall looks attractive both inside and outside. If your room doesn’t have those kinds of walls behind the plaster, a dark paint adorned with large pictures or wall hangings with an industrial theme can bring about a similar effect.


It’s common to see in large, busy restaurants and bars – exposed piping running along the ceiling and walls. If your working pipes aren’t fit to be displayed, not to worry – hide them and use reclaimed piping as part of your design, whether you’re going for bright and sparkling or a tarnished, rusted look.

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Shelving and storage

From shoe racks to bookshelves, components such as tubular shelving and grid and wire boxes are practical, durable ways to keep your living space organised within the industrial theme. You can find tubular shelving from most online hardware outlets.


Wood complements the metallic elements associated with the industrial style, and offers the warmth a home needs. Whether it’s a wooden floor, furniture or wall furnishings, natural or stained wood can transform the feel of your room.

Soft furnishings

While industrial décor doesn’t call for over-the-top soft furnishings, your living space will need to be comfortable. Greys combined with a bright colour, with simple designs and clean lines, can make a room feel comfortable without losing the industrial look.

Finishing touches

Whether it’s a 19th century feel or a modern industrial look, try to find the genuine article when looking for ornaments. Giant clock faces, steampunk-style objects or paintings of industrial scenes are just some ways of adding something special to your design.