Four Reasons to Book an Annual Boiler Service

We all take for granted that when we sneak the heating back on at the end of the summer to ward off a spell, our radiators will spring back into life and make sure our homes are cozy. We also assume that hot water will flow from the tap when we wash the dishes and come from the showerhead in the morning. Are you taking the necessary precautions to ensure that your system is running well?

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Without annual boiler servicing Cheltenham residents may not feel their house warming up.

Catch Problems Early

Sometimes, you can be lucky and your engineer will spot issues before they lead to huge, costly problems. If you have a small fault, it is best to address the issue after your boiler servicing Cheltenham homeowners can have their engineer fix the small problem before it is too late. A small problem now could leave to a huge, potentially dangerous one later on.

Replacing a Boiler is Very Expensive

With a new Valliant boiler costing between £720 and £2,800 before you add on the cost of installation, can you really afford to forgo boiler servicing? Engineers can advise you on repairs to make before you have the cost and upheaval of having a whole new system installed.

Addressing issues before they get too serious to fix is one advantage of having your boiler serviced annually. Lots of people schedule the service during the summer so they know everything will be working well for the winter.

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A Faulty Boiler is Dangerous

Dangerous carbon monoxide gasses could be escaping from your system. A boiler service will check for this. Hundreds of people are admitted to A&E every year because they have been poisoned by these harmful gasses. The engineer will be able to make sure that your boiler system is safe.

It is the Law if You are a Landlord

By law, landlords have the responsibility to ensure that the boiler system is safe for their tenants to use. It is required to make sure that there is an annual boiler servicing Cheltenham. Landlords can organize this easily with their tenants.

It is a legal requirement to make sure the tenants are safe and that the boiler system is running well.