5 Unusual Things That Affect the Value of Your Home

Many factors can impact the value of your home – some quite unexpectedly. You may be surprised at some of the reasons influencing prices. From hairy pets and children’s mess to an embarrassing street name, numerous things can see your house price plummet. Don’t become a victim of this phenomenon – watch out for the circumstances we outline below that could affect your ability to get the full house price.

1. Messy Kids
Children’s bedrooms strewn with toys and belongings could take £8,000 off the average house price, ING Direct says. An incentive to pick up the debris, or pay your children to do it.

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  1. Names Matter
    The name of your road has an impact on prices. A Zoopla study discovered Warrens to be the most expensive type of road, costing up to £607,267 (over double our national average at £282,978). Streets are cheaper, costing on average £184,722. Meanwhile, Kings are 20 per cent dearer than Queens. Blushes over ‘rude’ names such as Bell End or Slag Lane mean such properties sell for less.

    3. The Numbers Game
    Research carried out by Zoopla found that, surprisingly, odd-numbered houses fetched £538 more on average than their even-numbered neighbours.

    Superstition also plays a part. Owners of a Number 13 (purposely missed out on some roads, including Downing Street) see their houses selling for £6,500 less than their neighbours.

    4. Pet Concerns
    The 39 per cent of the British population who own a cat or dog usually sell their homes without a problem. However, should your pets be smelly, shedding fur, intimidating or just too numerous, it could reduce the asking price for your abode by as much as five per cent.

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Which? explores more things that can affect your house price value.

  1. Decent Local Amenities
    Local pubs matter. Your home valuation could fall down if you are near a noisy and insalubrious drinking hole with obstreperous regulars. Conversely, a chic gastropub with craft ales frequented by upwardly mobile young families on your doorstep could have potential buyers flocking.

    Similarly, being near an upmarket supermarket – dubbed the ‘Waitrose effect’ – could add 12 per cent or £40,000 to an average property.