Keeping Your Office Employees Organized

Running an office is one of the most stressful things in the world if the employees of the office are not organized. Organization does not only have to do with filing papers but it is also the flow of communication and processes. An office that is well organized and has streamlined processes will be more productive than an unorganized counterpart. It is possible to do good work while being unorganized but it does slow down many processes. The following are a few ways you can use to keep your employees organized.

Online Calendars

Whether it is a personal calendar or an online event calendar it is important that each person on your staff is added to the online calendar. This can make it easy to make changes in meetings or calls with clients. Adding things to calendars allows employees to get notifications on their mobile devices to make sure something isn’t forgotten. You as a manager can even send automated reminders to their phones if they are prone to still forget.

Stress Organization in Training

People become unorganized because everyone has a different way of going about something. In training you should give the employees a workflow that incorporates organizing things whether they are files or meetings. By doing this you can have your employees quite organized just because they are following what they learned in training. If you don’t think organizational things should be a part of the workflow then set milestones for when people should go back and organize things.

Send Out Tips

Sending out organizational tips as well as tips about health or productivity can give the staff a break while they read. Some people just don’t realize how easy it is to stay completely organized on a daily basis. These articles can help them achieve this by educating them on the subject. Have the people in the office that are the most organized help the other people as their systems are working well.

Reprimand if Needed

People who are messy are necessarily unorganized and that is important to remember. The people who are slow to do things or make mistakes quite frequently are showing signs of being unorganized. Having your day organized appropriately can help minimize mistakes. If someone forgets to do something you have to ask why they didn’t refer to an online calendar or have it written on their agenda. Some people will take constant reminders for a while but if mistakes are made you will have to reprimand people. This is not the easiest part about being a manager but mistakes can lose clients and ruin professional relationships.

There will be people who will push back about organization being stressed so much. You job is to have the office running at optimum level and organization is a pillar of success in business. Certain employees you won’t have to speak to about this very much as organization comes naturally. The best thing you can do is to morph an unorganized employee to one of the most organized. This is a skill that is valuable in business and developing employees is the best part about being a manager.